Wasps have their role in the environment. Wasps contribute to eliminating pests that devastate crops. Yet when they entrench their nest adjacent to commercial or residential property, then they are menacing to us, pets, and themselves. The following are low-cost and a homemade method to repel wasps from congregating near you.


Cut the neck of a 16oz or up to a 2 liter bottle. (The conical portion of the bottle plus the cap)


Invert the cut portion beforehand detach the cap and insert the neck into the bottle.


Bond or staple the top and perforate a few holes to fasten them with two screws, so that it can be suspended. Remember the bottle will have to be unfastened to change bait and dispose deceased wasps.


Entice the wasps with bait that shouldn’t touch the outlet of the bottle. The wasps should have enough room to go inside and reach the bait. You can also do it before connecting the two portions. A few suggestions for bait are:

  •   Meat is highly advisable during Spring time and latter winter, because wasps construct nests, procreate so they’re foraging for protein. Occasionally, meat can lure a queen wasp that can induce the wasp colony to reposition
  •   Combine liquefied dishwashing soap with water
  •   Crushed grapes
  •   Combine sugar and lemon extract
  •   Beer
  •   Combine sugar and water
  •   Combine sugar and vinegar
  •   Mix a tablespoon of liquefied laundry soap, a tablespoon of sugar and water. If the wasps manage escaping, gradually they will be poisoned by the laundry soap
  •   Use highly carbonated soda (abundant fizz). So it’s still active. Combine a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to dissolve the bottom of the soda mixture

Wrap string to the bottle and suspend it where the wasp swarm is located.

  •   When the wasps are trapped
  •   Then add cooking oil or petroleum jelly near the headlong part of the trap, that will stumble the wasps into the hole

Clean the trap often but ensure the wasps inside are deceased. It’ll avert a wasp sting and an accumulation of returning wasps. Drain hot and soap water inside the filter (inverted part of the neck of bottle) to corroborate, or envelope a plastic bag atop the trap and freeze it (in the freezer) a couple days. Bury dead wasps or flush them down a toilet, because their corpses will exude a pheromone to other colony members of danger.



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