1st method: trying a cloth bag to remove a wasp nest, particularly for suspended paper wasps (from property or a tree). Get a cloth bag and safely envelope it over the wasp nest. When the nest is inside then enclose it and dislodge the nest from it’s location. Fetter a heavy rock to the bag and insert it in a container of water. Also, you can maintain the bag inside in a freezer, after a few days discard it because the wasps should be deceased.


2nd method: try incinerating a wasp nest with fuel (gasoline and kerosene) but it’s not totally suggestible to start a fire, because insects are infuriated by them and it rouses their stinging impulses. Douse the nest thoroughly with a sprayer and leave it to soak a full day. The following day, if there’s still wasp activity then add more fuel and wait. After the wasp traffic is gone then scoop and discard it. The incineration technique is particularly useful for removing a mud wasp nest.


3rd method: try using a soap dissolvent, a home remedy for getting rid of wasps. You must flush the wasp nest with a soap mixture then wait up to 3 days and remove it, if there isn’t wasp action. Before discarding the nest assure the wasps are gone. Also advisable is shooting water at a wasp nest to expel wasps from inside it. Yet this approach isn’t totally recommendable because it’s dangerous.


4th method: try insecticides specialized for wasps. Flush the chemical pesticide thoroughly and wait up to 2 days if there isn’t a wasp swarm. Afterward discard the nest. There are chemicals that can incapacitate wasps for lengthy periods after the flush. Which gives time to dislodge the wasp nest and putting it in a plastic bag and into a bin for 2 days until they succumb.

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