Prior to ridding wasps from property consider leaving them for Winter to eliminate a wasp hive. If a wasp nest is in your property and far from human activity leaving it alone is best. They do sting but only if accosted. There is a symbiosis between humans and wasps.

Definitely remove wasps near an entrance of property (deck, porch). Also inspect eaves, shutters and human transit areas between March-April when a queen wasp nests. If there’s a nest before worker wasps have matured, then dislodge it with a shovel or broom to inhibit the queen from nesting.

A bigger nest (matures in latter Spring) is more active so be careful when contacting it. Don’t dislodge an established wasp nest at daytime, when the wasps are operative and constantly entering and exiting a nest. Evening time is better because they’re more dormant. Cooler temperatures enervates a wasp’s ability to readily fly, particularly temperatures below 50 degrees.


Wasp pesticide is a last alternative, if the nest is small then a store-bought wasp aerosol is recommended. Buy a pesticide specialized to treat wasps and hornets. Meticulously adhere to the product instructions. Regularly, a wasp spray is sold with an aerosol dispenser, which facilitates application from a safer area.

Glaze the nest with the pesticide and swathe all cells of the wasp nest. If a nest is suspended never position yourself beneath it during application. To avert wasps falling on you and being stained with pesticide.


Examine the nest the day after application for wasp activity. Prior to withdrawing a nest ensure worker wasps are exterminated. Wasp pesticide eliminates upon contact. Any lingering wasps are worker wasps (they search food and absent from the nest during the day). After ensuring that wasp activity is eliminated then dislodge it with a shovel (or broom) then enclose it (in a sealed bag) and trash it into container with lid.

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