Black wasps offset bothersome insects like beetles, cicadas, crickets, and grasshoppers. Black wasps mature up to two inches and have ultramarine or perse colored wings. A wasp sting is fiercely painful and causes swelling.

Clothe as much as your skin possible with jeans, a large-brimmed hat (veil, if possible), long sleeved-shirt, slacks or sweat pants, and thick socks. Wear at least 2 layers of clothing and tape ankles and cuffs for added protection.

Use a hornet or wasp insecticide to exterminate one or more wasps. But inject it from at least 20 feet afar.


Remove a black wasp nest to prevent a colony from tunneling. Night-time is better for insecticide treatment because the colony will be in-nest and dormant. Also practicable is administering 1/4 cup of insecticide dust to the entryway at predawn before wasps start their day. Immediately flee after applying chemical treatment.

Exterminate black wasps inside property. A non-insecticide aerosol instantly debilitates wasps, and it won’t contaminate inside your property. There are non-toxic mint aerosols at garden and home stores that are practicable, also recommendable is a disinfectant spray to immerse wasps.

To manually eliminate wasps use a weighty object, because only using an insect swatter is futile.


Gather dead wasps with a glove or sweep them onto a swatter with a shoe for outdoor disposal. Wasps are difficult to eliminate so thoroughly break them down.

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